Photos: Febian Shah

Duxbury Library

Town of Duxbury

Duxbury free library reading Garden

RDLA designed a civic gathering space in front of a new entrance to the Library. The concept was to provide a flexible space for both gathering and solitude.



Our design solution to strengthen the visual and accessible connection to the main entrance of the library used curving islands of lawn edged with ornamental grasses. Recalling islands along the coast, we also wished to create a variety of spaces both civic and intimate.

Our drought tolerant plant palette provides four season interest while reducing the need for maintenance. Open lawns with shade trees provide a comfortable setting for visitors to read a book or view a whimsical sculpture. Masses of shrubs and grasses help to obscure views of parked cars.

Comfortable, artistic benches provide a variety of settings for quiet conversation with a friend or a place to eat one’s lunch. We worked closely with our Architectural consultant to create ways to draw pedestrians to the library entrance including a larger sign above the doorway and sweeping walkways of exposed aggregate concrete that lead directly to the entrance.