RDLA designed a new multi-level plaza and bridge for a proposed residence hall at Suffolk University in Beacon Hill.


The program for the lower plaza included a green lawn for sitting and a cafe space. Steep grades, multiple level changes, an underground parking structure and made this a complex project. Accessibility to the front door of the dorm was particularly challenging. We solved the problem of access to the residence hall by creating an accessible ramp, stairs and a bridge to the lobby.
The entrance to the bridge was covered by a steel canopy supported by the garages roof vents. Specialty paving and planters were used to make the space feel more unified and contained. The crosswalk from the main academic hall to the Plaza bridge area was designed to feel a part of the plaza by using the same paving material.
Growing conditions in the lower plaza were poor. Hardy Bamboo was proposed in planters in the lower plaza to provide buffering of the large garage wall. .