Tafthill Terrace

City of Boston

THE project

This intimate pocket park and pedestrian walkway serves as a link from Roslindale Village to a municipal parking lot. Located on a side street off the square, the pocket park affords visitors a commanding view of Adams Park and the downtown. The accessible walkway and ramp provide a safe and pleasant connection from the parking lot to the shopping district. Working with the Boston Transportation Department, Roslindale Village Main Streets, and the Community, our design features a decorative stainless steel gateway, renovated stone veneer retaining wall, stainless steel handrails, colored concrete paving, lighting, perennial plant beds, decorative paving and benches. The overall character of the park can be described as light and modern.
The shrub and perennial plantings were chosen for their drought-tolerance and sun adaptability. Lavender, nepeta, asters, yarrow and pennisetum all happily co-exist in this sloping sun-washed park.