Pian zhang


Pian Zhang joined RDLA in 2023 after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design with a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. Originally from Chongqing, she was intrigued by her hometown’s hilly landscape and was curious about the relationship between people and the land. She then received a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Beijing Forestry University, where she gained a solid foundation for graduate study. Through study and practice, Pian has developed a profound interest in the interaction between nature and culture at various scales, from individuals to communities. She greatly values reading and listening to the land and the local community with humanistic care. She seeks to establish a dialogue with the environment, as well as to consider others and amplify their voices. Pian believes that as a landscape architect, it is her responsibility to influence others’ perceptions of and relationship with the land, ultimately contributing to a better living environment. During her leisure time, Pian likes growing houseplants and enjoys watercolor painting, running, and film photography.